How to build a local computer network?

A local or corporate computer network is a complex and multi-level engineering system that allows company employees to collegially use available resources, optimize work processes and exchange data. A local area network is under centralized control and, as a rule, covers all office premises.
Professional organization of a computer network allows you to solve a number of organizational and economic tasks:

  • optimize traffic and reduce the cost of using global network resources;
  • create a common information space for coordinated joint work;
  • reduce costs for implementation and maintenance of peripheral nodes, systems, equipment;
  • effectively monitor the work of the office and the use of working hours;
  • increase fault tolerance, protection and reliability of the IT infrastructure of the enterprise.

local computer network 1

What does a local network consist of?

The composition of the office computer network is determined by its tasks, loads, scale and other conditions, which are determined during the development of the project.
To begin with, you should choose a network topology. That is, the geometric diagram of the location of end devices – PCs.Depending on the conditions of subordination, management and spatial organization of the office, the scheme can be in the form of a star, ring or tire.
The main network equipment that will be needed to organize a local network:

  • network switches;
  • connecting cables (twisted pairs);
  • connectors;
  • network cards.

The equipment is selected based on the type of network and data transmission channels. distinguish:

  • Wi-Fi networks (with different number of connections);
  • cable networks.

Cable networks are considered more reliable, but their organization will require the laying of a cable, which means the performance of a whole complex of construction and installation works.
Before installing the equipment, installation of connection points, sockets, installation of load-bearing structures – switching cabinets, racks, etc. is also carried out.
Centralized management and control of the local network provides various types of equipment located in the server room. The server room is the main node for processing and storing information coming from office PCs. Also, the server room is the center of information protection and providing the network with backup resources. Increased requirements are placed on its equipment and organization.
local computer network 2

The order of work during the organization of the local network

Regardless of the characteristics and scale of the network, the set of works on connecting and setting up computer equipment involves some standard procedures. example:

  • placement of equipment;
  • crimping and terminating cables; equipment switching;
  • PC setup;
  • Internet connection.

In turn, setting up a PC implies a number of actions:

  • assignment of an IP address;
  • network mask setting;
  • setting up a working group;
  • disk access setting; assignment of access to data reading and writing procedures.

Connecting to the global network means connecting to the switch, configuring the network card, according to the instructions of the Internet provider, setting the settings.
All these works require careful planning, preparation, use of special tools and measuring devices. Therefore, it is possible to entrust the development of the local computer network project and its subsequent construction only to a professional team familiar with the industry requirements for similar infrastructure.