What do modern computer systems consist of

We will tell you what the main types of technologies are used in the construction of computer systems.
Modern computer systems include a combination of different types of equipment designed for different work. The basis of the system is the computer itself and its varieties (PCs, laptops, tablets).
Recently, computers are rarely used autonomously at enterprises. Therefore, it is considered standard to link them together.
Very often dedicated servers are used, designed to store information in enterprise databases, contain various services and the like. Communication channels, switches, auxiliary equipment for building computer systems are used to connect the equipment.
What do modern computer systems consist of 1

Let’s consider the types of such equipment

Cable lines (wired or copper and fiber optic), wireless communication (wi-fi, wi-max) can be allocated to communication channels within the same premises.
At the physical level, wired and wireless are very different in terms of data transmission.
“Copper” are ordinary cables, mostly twisted pair of the third or fifth category. Data is transmitted using current in the cable.

Fiber optics use the principle of light flux transmission in a medium that reflects the signal. Their use requires converters that convert light into an electrical signal.
Wireless communication uses signal transmission over the air, for this it does not require any cable networks. An electrical to high-frequency signal converter is required for signal transmission. Then such a signal is sent to the antenna and then to the air. On the receiver side, there is also an antenna and a receiving device that converts the high-frequency signal back into an electrical one.
The basis of the operation of such networks is the TCP/IP protocol, with the help of which equipment “finds” each other, exchanges information, and so on.
Switching equipment is used to manage the entire network: hubs, switches, routers. Each of them has its own purpose.

A hub is the simplest of switches.

Its main job is to receive data from one “sender” computer and transfer it to another “receiver”.
Candles have much more functionality. They “know” how to remember addressees, send information specifically to the equipment for which it is intended, without sending data to the general network. They also know how to filter so-called MAC addresses – unique equipment numbers, separate different networks and many other functions.
Routers are able to process the transmitted information according to many parameters. With the help of routers, you can organize network access to other networks, such as the Internet, connect offices located at a distance from each other, set the transmission speed for different devices, and much more.
Such technologies are currently used in the construction of computer systems, although new ones are being developed to increase the speed of data transfer, distance and optimization of systems.