Local network for the enterprise: stages of installation

Let’s consider the main stages in the implementation of computer systems in a medium-sized enterprise with the basic elements used in such a deployment.

For every system administrator or IT manager, there comes a time when it is necessary to implement a computer system in the enterprise or to modernize a new one.

If, for example, the office of the enterprise moves to a new premises, then such a system must be planned from scratch.

When modifying, you need to take into account the existing system.
Local network for the enterprise 1

Stages of setting up a local network for an enterprise

A local network for an enterprise involves the installation of a completely new system. The first stage will be the development of a technical task for the design of such a system. At the same time, the load on workstations, networks, servers should be taken into account. Also, the number of required workstations and their required functionality.
After TK, the design of the local network begins. Here you need to take into account the placement of workplaces, server room, placement of network printers, etc.

When designing a server room, it is necessary to optimally place racks or mounting cabinets, place the switching equipment and the servers themselves, and connect the power supply.

At the next stage, we determine the equipment that will be used in the system. We choose it based on the possible network and server load. But at the same time, it is necessary to take into account the possibility of modernization and expansion of workplaces, server capacity.

The wiring of cables must be shown on the room plan with the exact location of sockets, additional equipment, printers of general use.

It is better to start the installation of the system with the laying of the cable network, while in the project we indicate the method of laying – boxes, suspended ceilings, false floors. If the enterprise is not very large, then the system administrator and his assistants often do such work. For large areas, they mainly use the services of subcontractors or special firms. All cables and sockets must be numbered according to the project.

Stages of setting up a local network for an enterprise 2

After wiring the cables, the switching equipment is installed directly – hubs or candles (which is better). At the same time, the workstations of employees are installed. After all switching and connection of workstations, the correctness of the connection of the entire network is checked. When everything is connected correctly, you can start working on the server equipment. This is the installation of software, additional services and their configuration. With the correct network configuration, it is necessary to configure all user access policies.

This does not take into account the nuances that arise in individual cases in different companies. We have shown you the main stages of implementing a computer system at the enterprise.