Main features of information systems

In the course of evolution, humanity changes the surrounding world, and this entails the expansion of the information field. The process of accumulating information occurs continuously and, regardless of the methods of presentation, it is fixed in the form of knowledge. at the same time, information systems and information resources play the most important role in conveying the classification of data.
The information system is the means that ensure prompt delivery of reliable and necessary information to the user. Each field of application has its own classification of resources. Since the range of subject areas with the use of systems is very wide, it is enough to indicate in this aspect three main existing systems:

  • economic, performs management functions at enterprises;
  • medical, used in LP institutions;
  • geographic, which deals with the collection and processing of spatial data.

Main features of information systems

It is also worth noting the personal information system for solving certain tasks of one person and the corporate one, which covers the entire information field of the enterprise.


Main features of information systems 1

Information systems and information resources include computing and communication facilities, linguistic tools, organized human resources, and software.

Classification of automation:

  • automated: incomplete automation systems that require constant adjustment by personnel;
  • automatic: fully automated systems.

According to the nature of processing, the systems are divided into reference and information systems and decision systems. The functioning of information and reference systems is based on the use of simple data processing algorithms when searching and issuing information. Information data is processed according to complex algorithms, which speeds up the process of collecting information and increases the efficiency of management. Constant analysis of information flows allows to take measures to improve traffic routes and increase the amount of information.
Information resources are part of information systems and are a database, a repository, both for a single document and for an array of documents. The steady expansion of the information environment leads to the creation of many structures that permeate literally all subject areas of application of information as a resource. The emergence of new IT tools contributes to the constant updating of the existing data exchange system.
In general, information systems and information resources are a complex of organizational, software and technical support for timely delivery of information to the consumer.